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Core Values

BIBLICAL – We value the authority of the Bible and its transforming power. We believe God’s Word is the absolute standard to determine all matters related to purpose, conduct, strategy and policy. Our total reliance for guidance is on God and the power of the Holy Spirit with a commitment to a ministry of prayer in obedience to the Scriptures.

ACCOUNTABLE – We value spiritual growth and maturity in Christ. We believe we must be accountable as an organization to God, our constituency, our Board of Directors, our staff leaders and each other for all matters related to finances, ministry, relationships and spiritual maturity.

SERVICE ORIENTED – We value servanthood. We believe that our servant heart to Christ motivates our service to others and produces fruit. Therefore, our success is measured largely by our ability to maintain a servant’s heart rather than by numerical growth or years of service. (Mark 9:35; Phil. 2:1-8).

INNOVATIVE – We value growth. We believe God is unlimited in the ways He uses His people to reach others. Therefore, we will be open to change, encourage creative vision and be willing to fail in an attempt to do better.

CULTURALLY SENSITIVE – We value unity in diversity. We believe we must be life-long learners of the attitudes, values and beliefs of our own culture and the specific culture of people to whom we minister in order to apply the authority of God’s truth appropriately and accurately. We hold the dignity and worth of all people, which rules out racism, prejudice and paternalism.

COMMITTED TO RELATIONSHIPS – We value authentic, grace-oriented relationships. We believe God has called believers to work cooperatively whenever possible. Therefore, we will build and maintain open and honest relationships with our constituency, with other organizations and with the people to whom we minister. We commit to respecting and honouring First Nations leadership in the Church by giving preference to their wisdom, insight and direction, wherever possible. The “Covenant Relationship” will be our unswerving standard with each other and with our First Nations partners in ministry.

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