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Lillooet, BC
Evangelism and Discipleship

Mark and Babe Smith first went to Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada in 1979.  Their ministry with the St’at’imc people began by building relationships through friendships and Bible studies.  Because of their abusive historical past with the “white church and/or missionaries” coming with the true story about the Creator/Savior was often hard for the native people to receive. It took many years to gain their trust and willingness to listen to what Mark and Babe had to share about Christ.  After 9 years, they saw the first steps begin to take place in the heart of the St’at’imc people as they came to faith.

Over the years many of their prayers have been answered as St’at’imc  people have embraced Christ and there is now a fellowship that is active and a light in the community.  The St’at’imc Christian Fellowship continues to grow and share Christ through Bible studies, discipleship, and other cultural means like a First Fruits Festival, native evangelists, inviting of international Christian groups, and Powwow’s.  The Fellowship has in the last few years sent missions outreach teams to other native groups, disaster relief, international VBS clubs, and indigenous people overseas.

Mark continues to do lay leadership training and discipleship, praying that God will soon supply a native pastor for the fellowship.  Babe continues to work with the women in Bible study and has lead a number of counseling and family seminars.  They also do extensive work among  youth. Each week they gather with 20-25 youth in their home and have seen them come from Biblically illiterate to a high proficiency in finding and interpreting the text. They have worked hard at raising funds and going on youth trips.

Mark and Babe’s prayer for the St’at’imc People is a native fellowship that is native lead and native pastored.  As this is becoming a reality, they praise God for the evidence of changed lives and the growth of this young fellowship.

Mark and Babe have four adult children and eleven grandchildren.

If you are ever by their way, please stop by for coffee.

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