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Project 728 – Norman Ministry

David & Diane Norman
Colville, WA
Evangelism and Discipleship

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Contextualized ministry best describes our approach to sharing the Gospel of Jesus. That means that we attempt to communicate the Gospel in word and deed and to establish the church in ways that make sense to the local Native population. This has manifested itself in a monthly Inter-Tribal Gathering where we have feasted, drummed, danced, told cultural stories, and built relationships in order to earn the right to share our personal walk with Creator. We have also hosted a monthly Wisdom Circle where Native followers of Jesus shared their story of how they came to understand Creator’s love for them in a personal way. It is exciting to us that this Circle has morphed into a local Native church called Sacred Path Fellowship. Dave has participated in a Men’s Warrior Circle made up mostly of veterans, many with post-traumatic stress disorder. One of our goals is to do acts of service that provoke questions to which Jesus is the answer. We have moved into a part-time role with NAIM, but we still visit in Native homes, jails, and hospitals, always seeking opportunities to deepen relationships and bring healing and reconciliation to broken and hurting people. We are humbled and honored to represent Jesus among the First Nations people…and incredibly grateful to the financial donors and prayer partners who have made this possible for 35 years.

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