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Project 436 – Fromme Ministry

Marc & Sandra Fromme
Salmon Arm, BC
Community Outreach and Discipleship Ministry

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Marc and Sandra first met in Seminary in Germany, and they were married in July 1999. Both of them strongly felt God’s call into ministry among First Nations people. While Sandra was already connected with NAIM and felt God wanted her to minister in North America, it took Marc a little longer before he also heard the call to serve in Canada.

Four years later, Marc and Sandra went to Toronto, Ontario on an eight-month term for cross-cultural training and ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. They were involved in different ethnic churches and outreaches as well. While there, they also were involved in a small Native church in Toronto; it was then that Marc felt drawn to reach out to First Nations people in North America. During this time, God opened up different opportunities for Marc and Sandra to connect with many First Nations, who influenced them in ordinary ways and who became key persons to help in their decision many years later to take the next step and apply to be full time staff with NAIM.

Part of that step, and the application process, was their time at NAIM’s SMI program (Summer Ministry Initiative). They were placed on Penelakut Island (formerly called Kuper Island), and they had an exciting and blessed summer among the Penelakut people, which confirmed God’s call on them as a family. So they moved on with their journey. They received an invitation to work full time with NAIM, and were assigned to serve the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation in central British Columbia.

In July 2009, they arrived in Salmon Arm, BC and committed to serve among the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Native communities. With a focus on community outreach and discipleship, they are involved in learning the Secwepemc language and culture, and in building meaningful relationships within the community. They also participate in archery and atlatl spear throwing, learning different Native crafts and arts, learning the skills of hunting and butchering, as well as visiting and meeting with people to deepen friendships, read the Bible and pray together.

Marc and Sandra serve at different events including Community Supper Club and other gatherings in the Native community. They help within NAIM’s Salmon Arm team to run the Creator’s Talking Circle (CTC), a gathering for families. CTC is a time of fellowship, where they help with the food preparation, games, crafts and storytelling. They recently started a Sunday Service and hope and pray that it will grow and bring fruit. There are many great opportunities to share their faith in Creator God, in His Son Jesus Christ, and how He reveals His love and power in their lives. The Frommes love to be part of different camps during the summer, such as canoe camps, family camps or kids camps where people are especially open to listen to their life stories, and where people can experience what it means to walk with Jesus.

Marc and Sandra’s prayer and hope is that God will use the local team, and they as family, to establish a growing local Christian fellowship that is culturally relevant to the First Nations people they are ministering to.

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