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Taylor Lee

Tacoma, WA
Urban Church Development

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Taylor partners with veteran NAIM missionaries, David and Diane Norman, in Tacoma, WA. He and David lead a weekly men’s discipleship/support group called, Warrior Circle. He visits Native inmates at Federal Detention Center, SeaTac, every week. He helps lead two monthly events (Tacoma Inter-tribal Gathering and Wisdom Circle) that honor Creator Jesus in a culturally flavored format.

The NAIM slogan, “Serving With First Nations To Reach All Nations,” accurately reflects Taylor’s ministry passion and current focus. He is helping lead the development of an urban Native church that he hopes will become an effective means to recruit, disciple, train and send Native ministers to their own under-served communities and, ultimately, to some overseas people groups that have little, if any, access to the Gospel.

There is a very large population, from several hundred tribal groups, residing in the Puget Sound region. Taylor believes that God wants to greatly increase the Gospel’s impact among these people, using culturally-respectful local churches in this area, and that these churches will become strategic in helping fulfill the great commission.

Taylor’s wife, Nancy, teaches fourth grade at a local Christian school.

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