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First Nations people have unique gifts and knowledge. When these are valued and recognized, we will contribute to the completion of the Christian community as God designed it to be.

First Nations Partnership (FNP) is a division of NAIM’s Recruitment Department. A key emphasis of FNP is to empower and assist First Nations workers into First Nations communities and the world.

A strong value of the FNP is for First Nations staff to step in to leadership roles so that NAIM can be most effective in reaching the world for Christ.

Why partnership? Our dream is to see First Nations people becoming a vital mission force. From centuries of Church practice, western believers have resources. First Nations people have credibility. We each add to this partnership.

Many First Nations workers have found it is difficult to bring a financial support team together. The reality is many do not have access to a strong financial support base.

FNP provides resources, networking, and encouragement to First Nations Christians who desire to enter ministry locally and abroad. It also assists in raising funds for short-term First Nations interns who are serving in ministry, and for First Nations missionaries who are beginning to raise support.

We are willing to work beyond the traditional definition of “missionary” to help people move into active participation in the ministry that God has called them to.

If you are a First Nations Christian desiring to reach the Aboriginal peoples of North America for Christ, please get in touch at

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