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Cross-cultural Experience
Anyone interested in joining NAIM should have some cross-cultural experience.  This is an important step in preparing you to serve alongside the Native American/ First Nations peoples.  We highly recommend joining NAIM’s Summer Ministry Initiative (SMI) program. As a summer program, SMI places families or teams in a reserve or urban setting for hands-on ministry.  You will begin to build relationships with Native people and NAIM staff.
Formal Application
In most cases formal application for full-time staff is completed after one has met the cross-cultural requirement.  The application includes references, criminal record check and signed agreement with NAIM’s Statement of Faith.  The Recruitment Director reviews applications and if qualifications are met and references are in good order, you will be approved as an Applicant.  The actual application will be emailed by the Recruitment Director after an initial conversation.
Formal Interview and Bible Exam

A formal interview and an oral Bible Exam are usually completed on the same day and in person.  Each interview takes 1.5 hours in length.  The other three parts of the Bible Exam are:

  1. General Knowledge Fill in the Blank (Closed Bible)
  2. Application Section (Open Bible)
  3. An Explanation of NAIM’s Statement of Faith

After successfully completing the formal interview and Bible exam, you will now be an Accepted Candidate.

Sustainable Income

The Accepted Candidate’s first job is to raise prayer support and sustainable income for their ministry position with NAIM. If you are going the regular missionary route, this will include financial support raising.  If you are coming on as a Community Member Missionary, you will need a job in the community where you will be placed.  Working with the Recruitment Director and the Finance Director, you will set a budget.

Training Missionary Development Program (MDP)

MDP is the required NAIM training which can be started during the application process.  There are three 5-day Modules held over a 1.5 year cycle of spring, fall and spring.

Field Assignment

Once an Accepted Candidate reaches their full sustainable income, they assume their field assignment.  A tentative field assignment, including location and ministry focus, is agreed upon between the Accepted Candidate and the Operations Council early in the sustainable income phase.  This decision is confirmed when the Accepted Candidate reaches full support.

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