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Member Care / Discipleship
Blaine, WA


Jack and Carolyn live in Birch Bay (Blaine), WA where they serve with NAIM in the Human Resources Department doing Member and Pastoral Care and evangelism and discipling ministry in areas where their individual ministries connect.

Following the passing of Jack's first wife, Annette, Jack and Carolyn married in January of 2009, linking two distinct ministries in NAIM's history to focus on a mentoring and People Care ministry together.

Carolyn's networking and resource focus and her heart for the City has linked with Jack's people care and coaching heart and a passion for the wilderness to blend a care ministry in NAIM and beyond with First Nation Christian Leaders.

They are involved in extensive travel as they connect, minister and mentor as a team and individually in their areas of giftedness.

Please consider joining their support team or contributing to their travel ministry costs. Thanks for your investment in this crucial NAIM ministry.