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What are the costs for SMI?

Seven-week program: $900 per person or $1300 per couple
Three-week program: $600 per person or $800 per couple

The cost will be reduced if you choose to provide your own food.

These costs cover accommodations, most meals, orientation materials, ministry supplies, travel between Abbotsford, BC and the ministry location, etc. These costs do not include the $20 application fee and travel expenses to/from Abbotsford, BC.

What are the costs for an internship?
Internship fees are on a case-by-case basis and are worked out between you and the Recruiting Director, with input from the Resident Missionary. All interns are expected to raise their own support through their home church, family and friends.

These fees will cover the following:

  • Room and board for Orientation Week and Re-cap
  • Materials and supplies
  • Travel to and from reserves
  • Expenses of Supervision
  • Administration of the program
Where will I be placed?
You will be placed in a Native community in Western Canada, Washington or New Mexico.   You will be placed in a community close to one of the long term NAIM missionaries.  When placing people NAIM is open to working with the gifts that God has given people and their past experiences.

SMI will be placing people in various communities throughout British Columbia, Canada. However, SMI is willing to send SMI’ers to any community where NAIM missionaries work.

Where will I be staying?
Every reserve is different. Your accommodations will be provided by the community – it may be a room in the Fire Hall, the Nursery School, a vacant house, a room in the Community Hall, or possibly living with a Native family. Be prepared to be flexible.
What training is provided?
SMI and Internships begins with five days of orientation, which includes workshops on evangelism, local context, team relationships, and other key topics. We provide you with practical tools to use throughout the summer so your ministry can thrive.
What will I be doing?
It will be your objective to develop a ministry in that community with all ages and in a way that best fits you.  Generally you will seek to build friendships, do things together, share in their lives, understand their concerns, and share your experience with Jesus Christ.

Many times you will be able to get involved in the activities already planned by the community. When it is berry picking time, go along. Do what the adults are doing – mend fences, coach a ball game, repair things, clean fish. Do what they do. Whether it be setting up and running a Kid’s Club, or visiting a family for a few hours, you’ll be given the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to guide you in building relationships and sharing the Gospel.

Who will help you?
You will be assigned a supervisor to coach you along, offer advice, and provide assistance whenever it may be desired. It is a relationship that gives both freedom and maximum learning potential. There will be a resident missionary who will work with you.
Can I raise support?
Often family, friends, relatives and your home church would like to have a part in your ministry. We suggest that you make as many contacts as possible with people, and give them an opportunity to be a part of your support team.
How can I begin to prepare?
Pray! Begin to pray for your ministry and the people you will meet. Ask others to pray as well. It is also important to understand the history and culture of a place before entering it. Therefore, we require all our interns to read a variety of books covering culture, prayer and God. This reading list will be given to interns once accepted into the program, so they can begin preparing for ministry.
What other information do I need?
All Interns and SMI’ers receive a detailed Handbook when they are accepted into the program. This covers in greater detail such topics like raising support, preparing for ministry, how to pack, medical and travel information, dates, customs and border, etc.

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