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Residential School 1st edition

“What follows was very, very difficult to write about. For many of you, it may be even more difficult to read. We ask that you please read with an open heart and mind. It’s a story of how a people created in God’s image in need of the love of Christ came to a place of being severely mistreated in the name of Christ.”   – Scott Markloff 


New Life Bible, brown hardcover, $16.00
God’s written Word is as much alive today as when it was written many hundreds of years ago. Through the years, sinful men have tried to destroy it, but this living Book can never be destroyed. Jesus says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.”

The New Life Version takes difficult words that are found in most versions of the Bible and puts them into words or phrases that are easy to understand. About 850 different words have been used in this version.


Blessings of Obedience, free up to five copies
William W. Lottis
God blessed the vision of a few who knew only that God wanted them to begin… This story tells of an unknown teenaged who witnessed to a friend, producing a chain of events that has touched thousands. It includes the transformation of a war ship to a gospel ship. It includes the stories of many ordinary people who simply realized that following God is a daily act of obedience. It is the story of NAIM’s ministry, and the beauty is that the story continues today and can include you tomorrow.
Culture, Conscious, Bible, $2.25
Clyde Cowan
How does a Christian decide what is right and wrong when it comes to the normal activities of life in his home town, and among his or her friends? How does a Christian relate to the culture and practices of another people? This topic is essential in today’s world. This book leads us straight to what the Bible says on such matters. It is not about making the decision for another people, but keeps pointing out Biblical guidelines to make such decisions. A powerful read!
Grieving Indian, $4.50
Arthur H.
This book tells the story of Arthur H., and the painful lessons he learned as he tried to rebuild his life. This is a powerful, healing book. Every Native American needs to read it for the help and hope it offers. Every person who is not Native American needs to read it for the depth of understanding it will give. A Canadian bestseller.
Whiteman’s Gospel, $11.00
Craig Steven Smith
“Christianity has wonderful answers to questions Indians aren’t asking!” Craig Stephen Smith, a Chippewa, from northern Minnesota, seeks to answer the questions they are asking or ought to ask. His experience has led him to believe that change is desperately needed in both Native and ecclesiastical communities. Smith writes out of his own experience as a Native American growing up in a white man’s world.
Wisdom from the Elders, $4.50
Our Creator God gave us instructions to respect and honor our elders. It is part of our tradition to listen and follow the teachings of the elders. Here is a collection of stories filled with wisdom not only from elders but from God Himself. You will wonder, laugh, ponder and consider the principles presented within these pages.


Dan Red Eagle Comics, $3.00 each or $10.00 for all four

Opops’kan with Limping Dog; Art by Bruce Bezaire
High-quality colour comic books written for readers of all ages. Biblical principles and truths are illustrated from a Native worldview.
Vol. #1 – His Search for Power
Vol. #2 – The Soul Catcher
Vol. #3 – The Rescue and the Rodeo
Vol. #4 – In a Barren Land

All the storybooks and curriculum below are produced by Path Finders Bible Adventures.


First Nations Songs of Praise & Worship, CD/10 songs, $10.00
His Thoughts Are Of You, CD/12 songs, $10.00
Media Music, Instrumental CD, $5.00
The Story of Joseph, Audio Story/12 parts, $7.50
Our desire in producing this recording is to make the truths of God’s word become vivid and alive. The story of Joseph tells how God took a man through a journey of pain and loss, healing and restoration, and preserved a Nation.
Coming Home, Audio Story/12 parts, $7.50
Have you ever thought that life wasn’t fair? Have you ever tried to chase after something that you wanted, only to discover you already had it? Have you ever felt the relief and joy of coming home? This recording is a modern parable of the Prodigal Son.

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